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Built to serve the Long Island Rail Road in the middle of the 19th century, Medford had a long and proud history well before neighboring development communities were even an sketch on an architect's drawing board. Second- and third- generation residents remember stories of their parents and grandparents listening for the train whistle that signaled a load of potential customers, and the daily mail bag.

Since that time Medford has grown into a home for nearly 30,000. The population trends toward affluent professionals, with a median family income well over the $100,000 mark.

Local activities include an 18-hole golf course, mini golf and and a skate park, as well as Boomer's Family Fun Center -- a cartoon theme park with rides, games and an indoor carousel. Medford shops still draw customers from throughout the area.

Cultural offerings include concerts and plays at the Brookhaven Amphiteatre, the Volunteer Firefighters' Museum and a comedy club. The Long Island Expressway and Long Island Railroad offer easy, convenient access to the unlimited cultural experience of nearby New York City.

Public beaches lie within an easy drive to the south at Patchogue Bay and north in Poquott and Stony Brook.

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