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Lake Ronkonkoma is a hamlet located in the Long Island town of Brookhaven, NY (a small portion officially lies in neighboring Smithtown). While its name may be a mouthful (it's pronounced ron-kon-ca-muh, an Algonquin Indian word meaning boundary fishing lake) the hamlet has its own picturesque charm which it shares with neighboring Ronkonkoma just to the south of the lake that is the namesake of both. 

Lake Ronkonkoma is considered to be Long Island's largest freshwater lake. Known as a kettle hole lake, Lake Ronkonkoma can get as deep as 100 feet at its southeastern end. The hamlet of Lake Ronkonkoma surrounds its shores. Until the 1900s, the area was a popular summer resort destination. Remnants of lakeside resorts and hotels can still be found here, though many summer properties have been converted into year-round homes. A lakeside beach, a recreation center, senior center, ball courts, a playground and a picnic area make the area a popular relaxation spot for residents.

Lake Ronkonkoma offers a small village atmosphere, a convenient central Long Island location and plenty of recreation opportunities, making it an ideal place to raise a family. Plenty of shopping, dining and cultural events can be found in neighboring Ronkonkoma and nearby villages like Lake Grove (home of the Smith Haven Mall), Stony Brook and Smithtown

The Long Island Expressway and the Long Island MacArthur Airport are just a few miles to the south. You can catch the Long Island Rail Road at the Ronkonkoma stop; the trip to Penn Station in New York City is about an hour and 20 minutes.

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